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Trifgol is advised to cleanse the colon on a regular basis to avoid any toxic accumulation in the entire gastro-intestinal tract. It helps reducing the risks of complication and also prevents serious health problems from occurring. In time, these wastages are eliminated and the risks of colon cancer are also ruled out. Starting cleansing the colon as early as possible can save your intestines and so your life too!

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Dosage: One teaspoonful at bedtime by brisk mixing with water

Directions: Dabur Trifgol should be stirred in a full glass of fluid, such as water or fruit, just before ingestion. Failure to consume sufficient fluid with a bulk laxative decreases its efficacy. Intake of the husk without fluids should be strictly avoided.


Each 100 gm contain

Isabgol powder: 68.00%
Triphala powder: 19.60%
Excipients and flavours to 100%

Colon – a non-ignorable organ

The colon is a controlling organ having its influence on rest of the bodily organs. Therefore, if it is not cared in a proper way, there are chances that the other organs of the body might also get affected. When the colon is affected by toxic substances, it also affects the largest glands of the body, the check post, liver. Such problem in colon can cause the liver to give up its normal function.

There is a timely honored debate on colon related health ailments and majority of the health care providers from all the health sciences; whether ancient traditional medical sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese health care system or the latest one – allopathy come to one conclusion that if colons are kept healthy, there are more chances to keep body disease free.

Unfortunately, colon is spoiled by many factors such as ignoring exercise routine, junk food affinity, very few vegetable and fruit in diet, excess intake of food containing high sugar and/or salt, stressful work, distress and mental disturbances due to tensions. Let it be at home or at workstation, the body gets exposed to such triggering factors and its reactions.

What can happen?

General day-to-day problems like hardening of the stools (constipation) can root diverticula, a kind of herniation that extends beyond the colon wall. The colons in such case get filled with substances those are harmful to the body as they are toxic substances. This all, in turn, gets absorbed back into the bloodstream and then produce severe sickness. Such waste material can adversely affect the body and produce major energy deficiency, headache, stomatitis, piles, mood swing and in some unfortunate cases even colon cancer.

What can be done?

The market is full of colon cleanser that can be also used as constipation cure. The colon affects other body organs indirectly and when there are too much toxins in the colon, vital organs like liver and kidney are affected. Trifgol helps in restoring the colon function by flushing out the toxic substances from the intestines.

To avoid all associated problems, it is better to undergo Trifgol colon cleansing program regularly. However, the colon is maybe the most difficult body part to clean as colon itself is the waste disposal unit of human body. With the irregular and harmful lifestyle adopted by most of the people across the world, eliminating such waste accumulated in the body, colons are difficult.

Trifgol helps in toxins elimination from the body that can cause toxic build up and entertain parasites. The more toxic substance present in the colon, more are the chances of them to get absorbed by the blood vessels and then circulating them across the body including vital organs like heart, brain and even lungs.

Trifgol, if taken as colon cleansing agent in a proper way, can help preventing the slow poison and hence also manifestation of health ailments that one may start feeling. The energy level is then saved to a significant level. In addition to preventing weakness, a person undergone Trifgol colon cleansing therapy also develops immunity that keeps all the day-to-day infections at bay.

Trifgol – nature’s best colon cleansing product

Trifgol is advised to cleanse the colon on a regular basis to avoid any toxic accumulation in the entire gastro-intestinal tract. It helps reducing the risks of complication and also prevents serious health problems from occurring. In time, these wastages are eliminated and the risks of colon cancer are also ruled out. Starting cleansing the colon as early as possible can save your intestines and so your life too!

Trifgol can not only a great help to constipation cure but it can also enhance the proper functioning of the entire gastro-intestinal tract. In almost all individuals, there are fair chances that the colon is not cleaned since the food consumed not necessarily to be a colon-friendly. For most of the persons, this is still okay and health ailments may not occur. Nevertheless, with the added toxic substances because of unhealthy lifestyle, and other inappropriate ways of living, the intestines may face complications.

One of the factors that might be noticed as a common one to ruin up the capacity of the intestines is overeating. Though it is not that harmful but in long run, the body may gravely affected by such thing. The colon works more when it is loaded with full of foods. Trifgol contains active ingredients of three most famous Ayurvedic herbal fruits called Trifala. They are the great combination of haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki. They all are known to flush out the toxins from the intestines.

Triphala is also said to be best bowel regulator and have been used in Ayurvedic practice for constipation cure. Triphala is considered to be the safest formula that does not produce any harmful/side or unwanted effects even after a long term. However, its use in pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established yet.

Many holistic health care providers suggest that using Trifgol can help colons to keep away a high volume of toxic components that can add up to swelling in lower limbs and unnatural increase in weight. A proper cleansing of colon using Trifgol might help in managed weight loss as it helps removing unwanted fatty tissues and substances from the body.

A messed colon is to be treated as one of the highest priority requirements of the body. And, Trifgol is timely tested and trusted therapy used as colon cleanser. It helps getting a hygienic colon that can bring all very positive effects on physique and also on mind. One can combat anxiety, tension and always feel energetic. In this way, one can enjoy the life every moment. Trifgol as a colon cleanser helps in eliminating the body wastage and also in minimizing various body aches and joint pains. The toxic substances generated from the body waste are considered to be untimely headaches that colon cleansing using Trifgol can tackle. As other beneficial effects, one can also get a better skin face glow and better look.

Colon Cleansing by Trifgol – the help in time!

Colon cleansing might appear a simple step but it could make a big change in anyone’s health. Oftentimes, due to the environment that is present around, to load the body with toxic substances is just inevitable. There is where all of us require cleansing the colon regularly so that the toxic substances will not build up and reduce body organ’s capacity to perform a normal task.

Using Trifgol, it is quite simple to perform colon cleansing. It is just flushing out the body toxic substances and other unwanted/harmful chemical or substances in a safe and secure way. What could else be the best idea other than cleansing the internal organ? You take care of your outer appearance and treat your face, hands, legs and all body parts those are visible and tangible, the real health lies in internal organs and if they give up their functions, you may end up in a great health problem.


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