Tribulus Terrestris

Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herbs used since ancient years to treat different sexual conditions in men. Gokshura is a wonderful product for different sexual disorders in men such as impotency, lows sexual drive, loss of sexual energy. It helps to regain the energy and strength back. It increases the production of male sexual hormone testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris has been used since ancient times for different ailments of the male sexual system. It is used in the Ayurvedic medicines. It is used as an ingredient of different products that are made to increase the sexual drive in men. It helps to enhance the energy and boost your vitality to make you feel strong and healthy. It helps to increase the libido and sexual drive in men. Gokshura is a valuable product of the Ayurvedic medicines and is used as a sex booster.

Tribulus Terrestris gives energy to the body cells and tissues and it also acts as an aphrodisiac. It increases the sexual power in men. It stimulates the release of male sex hormones that helps in increasing the sexual drive and also provides energy to perform sex efficiently with full vigor and energy. Gokshura is also given for male impotency caused due to low sperm count or poor quality of the sperms.

Servings per container: 60 Capsules

Dosage: 1 -2 Capsules twice  a day after meal or as directed by your health practitioner.

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Gokshura helps in increasing the sperm count and sperm quality. Thus gokshura is an important herb used for sterility. It helps to increase the quantity and quality of the semen. Thus, gokshura proves to be a boon for the childless couples. It is given to improve the number and quality of sperms and thus helping in successful conception. Sometimes number of sperms is enough but healthy sperms are very less and it leads to infertility. Gokshura helps in increasing the number of healthy sperms. Gokshura also helps to make the semen thick. Gokshura is a natural product that is found in India and it has no side effects as compare to the other products available in the market.

Gokshura not only acts on the sexual organs but is also an effective herb for the disorders of other system of body. It also acts on the urogenital system and helps to reduce the burning and pain while urinating. It is a very good herb given for acute urinary tract infection. Gokshura is an important herb used since ages for the kidney ailments. Gokshura helps in the normal flow of urine. It helps to sooth the membranes of the urinary tract system. It is a very good product for urolithiasis that is stones in the urogenital system. It helps to release the pieces of stones in the urine and prevent any pain and infection of the urogenital system. It helps to stop the bleeding caused to damage to the membranes while passing away of the stones from the urinary passage. Gokshura is an effective herb used for inflammation, kidney stones,

incontinence of urine and other disorders of the kidneys. It provides strength to the kidneys to fight against the infection caused to accumulation of stones in the urinary passage.

Tribulus Terrestris is also an important herb used for benign hypertrophy of the prostate gland in males. It helps to reduce the discomfort caused to benign hypertrophy of the prostate.
Gokshura is found to be an effective herb given as a sexual booster. It stimulates the sexual organs in men and stimulates the production of sexual hormones. It increases the energy and strength to perform the act. It improves the production and quality of the sperms for better conception. If taken for a specific period of time, it will definitely help to increase the libido and also helps to correct the male impotency.

Gokshura is also found to increase the immunity of the body. It boosts the immune system and has antibiotic property. Thus it helps to prevent any infection in the body. As it energizes the body cells therefore, it is also considered to be an effective product for athletes. Sports person can use this product for giving energy to the muscles and tissues of the body and increasing their performance.

Tribulus Terrestris is known to improve the overall functioning of the body system. It relaxes the smooth muscles and increases the flow of blood to the male orga thus helping in treating the erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. It rejuvenates the cells of the body and provides strength and immunity to the body. People get confuse after looking at so many products available in the market for increasing the low sexual drive and erectile dysfunction. It is very difficult to choose the right product from the market. Some produces harmful effects on the body organs thus damaging other system in the body. So be careful while selecting the right product for you. Gokshura is a natural herb and is safe and effective and does not produce any side effects.

Tribulus Terrestris also increases the activity of the heart and helps to lower the blood pressure and high cholesterol level. It gives strength to the heart to supply sufficient amount of blood to all parts of the body. Besides taking this product a person should take a healthy diet to improve the general strength of the body. Gokshura is prepared under the supervision of thousands of Ayurvedic doctors from all over the world. It is tested in the labs several times before it is introduced in the market. It has proved to be a boon for different sexual disorders of men such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor quality of sperms, low sexual drive and impotency.

There are no side effects associated with regular use of the this herb. It naturally increases the quality and quantity of the sperms and helps in the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs in men. It provides sufficient amount of blood to the male organ and prevents premature ejaculation. It provides overall strength to all the organs of the body and thus helps in improving the overall health. It acts on every cell of the body and helps to give sufficient amount of blood to every cell in the body thus giving energy and strength to all the organs of the body.

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