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The breast mask, just like face mask, helps in rejuvenating the breasts and keep their beauty. St. Herb Breast Mask can be used regularly to tone up the breast skin, to improve the breasts' skin texture and for the overall health. The active ingredients present in the product penetrate deep into the breast tissues and nourish them with herbal goodness. As a result of that, the breasts become firmer, fuller, healthy and look more attractive.

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The breasts are considered to be women's best assets that make them attractive among men. Breasts, apart from breastfeeding, play significant role in arousing the men and are very important organ in sexual activities. The breasts those are fuller, firmer, and bigger and positioned high on the chest wall are considered to be ideal and on the other hand, if the woman has dull, sagging, tiny or small breasts, she is the subject of criticism, especially among men. That is why, more and more women now prefer some way to make their breasts more mesmerizing and to redefine their cleavage.

The breasts are the only organs that are located out of the women's body frame. Due to this, they are the only organs to face adverse effects of earth's gravitational force and therefore, if they are not properly cared, they start drooping and sagging down. Also, due to age, the skin of the breasts start appearing wrinkly and the texture of the skin starts losing its youthfulness. The St. Herb Breast Mask helps in retaining the nutrients within the breasts and hence helps in keeping them more vernal.

The efficacy of St. Herb Breast Mask

The effectiveness of highly concentrated St. Herb Breast Mask can be observed with just a few applications. It helps in nourishing the breasts and is also said to shape up them giving them rotund and attractive structure. Regular application of St. Herb Breast Mask assists you to get breasts' silky soft skin with good and fairer skin color. With pure and valuable natural extracts, St.herb Breast Mask tones and improves the breast skin with only 3-4 times a week usage for a healthier, smoother and more radiant youthful looking breast.

Ingredients in St. Herb Breast Mask:

Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

Direction to Use St. Herb Breast Mask:

The rich content of St. Herb Breast Cream is to be applied on the breast thoroughly. It should be followed by a massage for approximately 10-15 min. For better results, use once before bed time. More specifically, apply the mask on one breast equally making a thin film across the breast avoiding the nipple. Follow this massaging method for about 1-2 min until the cream turns very light in its color. Once finished with one breast, repeat on the other breast.

The duration of St. Herb Breast Mask:

Leave the mask on for the whole night. In emergencies, you can leave it for about 1 hour. Later, it can be washed using plain water.

The St. Herb Breast Mask contains 50 gm of rich cream

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