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The breasts are considered to be most important pair of organs that beautify the women's body. Without attractive breasts, the woman is believed to be not-so-happening and is a subject of criticism among men. Men firmly believe that bigger, fuller and firmer breasts play a vital role in sexual activities and that is why, if they are given a choice, they would prefer a bosomy woman.

St. Herb Breast Cream is a nourishing cream that is powered by nutritious essence of natural Pueraria mirifica Extract, the Thai herb which is known for its breast-enlargement properties. St. Herb Breast Cream is said to nurture and promote the visibility and the depth of the cleavage achieving what the women can boast her beauty.

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Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with sexy breasts and those with tiny breasts; feel very embarrassed among other beautiful attractive ladies with pleasant curves and mesmerizing figure.

The herb used in St. Herb Breast Cream is Pueraria mirifica that has proven rejuvenating effects on the women's body. The most prominent among all of these favors is increasing in the size, shape and texture (firmness) of the breasts. Along with these benefits, it also helps in rejuvenating the breasts cells that give more vernal look.

As the luck would have it, there are plenty of breast enhancement creams that are available on the market. However, one has to choose the one that is all natural and contains no chemicals or any other synthetic component. St. Herb Breast Cream is all herbal breast enlarging cream that does not have any side effects, and one can use it for quite a longer period without any worry.

In ancient days, the women used some natural creams and lotions to enlarge their breasts and it reflects that probably, local application could be more effective as compared to any other route. This could be due to a simple reason that when potential ingredients are used in making the breast enlarging pills, they may get destroyed when they travels through the digestive system before entering into their target places –the mammary glands. A cream which is locally applied to the desired site of the body (breasts), it helps nourishing the local tissues and enhances the entire breast structure. The formula used in St. Herb Breast cream uses transdermal technology that delivers the herbal extracts straight to the mammary glands and that is it has powerful effects.

The benefits of St. Herb Breast Cream:

· Increases the fullness, firmness, size and shape of the breasts.
· Retains a natural look and appearance.
· Works for almost all the women.
· Being a natural cream it is quite safe and effective.

Indication for St. Herb Breast Cream:

· Small Breasts
· Tiny breasts
· Dull breasts
· Drooped and sagged breasts
· Breasts that lack attractive cleavage

St. Herb Breast Cream may help increasing the fullness of the cleavage along with enhancing and enlarging the breasts. Manufacturers claim that one can start seeing the result within a 4 weeks of application.


St. Herb Breast Cream uses Pueraria mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

Packing and Direction for Usage

St. Herb Breast Cream contains 100 gm of natural breast enlarging cream. The application is simple – apply the cream onto the breasts until it is equally spread, avoiding the nipples. Follow the massage and perform it for about 5 minutes until the cream is fully absorbed.

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