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Since ancient times many natural drugs are used for anorectal problems. Today these ancient drugs are available in modern form but contain all the essential natural herbs that were used in ancient times. These natural products are safe and do not produce any undue reaction in the body.

Synthetic products on the other hand causes unwanted reaction on the skin and may worsen the problem instead of solving it. The main aim of the Pilief tablets and ointment is to provide relief from excessive burning and itching caused due to hemorrhoids. It also arrests the progression of infection and inflammation of the affected area.

How to Use:

Two tablets two times a day for a minimum of 10 days followed by one tablet three times daily for minimum of six weeks.

Pilief is a natural herbal product that is used for treating the piles effectively without any side effects. Pilief helps to get relief from pain, itching, burning and bleeding that is associated with hemorrhoids. Pilief is an effective remedy that helps to speed up the recovery of the inflamed veins of the anorectal region.

Pilief tablet works effectively by reducing the engorgement and turgidity of the veins and also the venous capillaries. Pilief also plays an important role in treating the hepatic discomforts by relieving the hepatic congestion and portal pressure. Thus, Pilief controls the inflammation, infection and promotes the healing process without causing any undue side effects. Pilief also helps to correct the constipation, the main cause of the hemorrhoids by acting as a laxative.

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Pilief is a natural product prepared from natural herbs which provides herbal and mineral components, important for maintaining healthy veins. Pilief is proving to be very effective in supporting the metabolic processes, involved in maintaining the vascular system's integrity. Pilief is a comprehensive blend of Ayurvedic medicines that helps to maintain a normal tone of venous walls, their integrity and function.

Pilief is considered to be the safe and effective product because of its multiple benefits such as it helps to treat the piles, cures hemorrhoids, and treats the varicose veins, infection, and inflammation of the affected areas. It also helps to get relief from unbearable pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids of the anorectal area. Pilief works by making the pile mass to get shrink, controls the bleeding and fastens the recovery process.

Treatment of hemorrhoids depends upon the degree of severity of piles. For acute cases some people are forced to apply an astringent ointment containing the glycerin, tannic acid and ointment containing cortisone as an anti-inflammatory agent. But all these products are harmful and cause many side effects. Moreover cost wise these are beyond expectations and produces immeasurable toxicity in the body. Whereas Pilief is found to be an effective and safe product for hemorrhoids and other associated complaints. It is a natural, quick and safe remedy that is available online.

Varicose veins are the inflamed condition of the veins in which veins get swollen, twisted and bluish in color. Varicose veins are mainly found in legs but it can affect any other part of the body. There are two types of varicose veins superficial and deep varicose veins. Superficial veins can be seen and do not cause much harm. Deep veins are more serious and complicated type of inflammation that may cause blot clots in the legs and produces a fatal complication called as pulmonary embolism that is clot of blood travels via the lymphatic system to the lungs and may cause respiratory distress.

There are many known factors that may lead to varicose veins such as sitting for longer periods of time, after pregnancy, overweight, chronic constipation, tumors, weak veins, age, and standing for longer periods of time. Pilief helps to relieve the tension and rigidity of the veins thus allowing the tortuous veins to become normal in shape and size. Sometimes varicose veins look very embarrassing when suddenly watches them on your legs. It prevents many women to wear a dress of their choice as they feel ashamed of bluish tortuous veins on their legs. To get rid of this unwanted situation, Pilief is the solution that helps you to get normal functioning of the veins. Women are more affected with varicose veins as compare to men.

Pilief helps to control the bleeding per rectum in cases of severe bleeding piles. It also helps to control the excessive pain experienced during the passage of stool. It acts as a lubricant and thus prevents the dryness of the anorectal area.


Each Pilief Tablet Contains:

Name of Ingredient Latin/ English Name Qty
Powders :    
Guar gum Cyamopsis tetragonolobus 25 mg
Extracts of the following :    
Neem Melia azadirachta 200 mg
Khadir Acacia catechu 200 mg
Kumari Aloe barbadensis 175 mg
Haritaki Terminalia chebula 150 mg
Chitrak Plumbago zeylanica 100 mg

In some cases hepatic disorders also occur due to venous congestion. Pilief helps to regulate the functions of the liver by correcting the venous congestion. Pilief ointment can be applied locally on the lesions that help to get relief from itching, burning and pain.

To prevent development of varicose veins, you can try some of the natural methods. Some of the important natural ways to prevent varicose veins include exercising regularly to keep regular flow of blood in the veins, reduce weight, eat fat free diet without excess intake of salt and sugar, and drink lots of water. If you really want to get rid of your problem naturally try to avoid intake of alcohol and quit smoking.

Some companies also offer support stockings to wear to get relief from varicose veins. It is also advised to keep your feet up if you have to sit for longer periods of time. Pilief not only provides relief from tortuous veins but it soothing actions also facilitates the easy evacuation of feces without putting much stress and strain. Large number of products and ointments are available in the market that confuses you. Many companies offer too many promises but fail to give relief. To avoid such false promises, it is essential to find out the right and the best solution of your problem. Pilief is such a solution to your problems that is safe and natural and is cost effective. Moreover you can order it online and you can receive the product at your doorstep without much hassle. So what are you waiting for to get freedom from your suffering you are just one click away. Go get it today and make your life happy and easy.

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