Vrikshamla (Garcinia Cambogia )

Garcinia Cambogia

Latin Name : Vrikshamla

English Name / Common Name : Garcinia cambogia

Vrikshamla manufactured by the Himalaya Drug Company is the herb, with botanical name Garcinia cambogia and its family is Guttifera. It belongs to genus Garcinia and kingdom plantae. Its English name is Kokam. Its common names include Malabar, Brindall Berry , Mangosteen and Chikana red mango.

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Vrikshamla is the herb, with botanical name Garcinia cambogia and its family is Guttifera. It belongs to genus Garcinia and kingdom plantae. Its English name is Kokam. Its common names include Malabar, Brindall Berry , Mangosteen and Chikana red mango.

Its habitat is in southern India especially on the Western Ghats and Concon area. It can also be found near Nilgiri Mountains at a height of around 6,000 fts. Morphologically vrikshamla is an evergreen tree having soft and thin branches and leaves oval in shape with dark green color on the ventral surface and pale color on the dorsal. Fruits are round in shape and purple in color. Flowering in the tree occurs in late winters and fruits come in late springs. The flowers type is monecious, present in the form of bunches with 4- 8 in number.

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The pulp of the fruit contains around 5-8 seeds which are quite big in size and contains 23-26% of yellow colored oil which freezes like butter and is known as kokam butter. The fruit of vrikshamla is also used for the purpose of cooking as it acts very well as a condiment especially in karalla and silence to prepare fish curry etc.vrikshamla tree resin that is yellowish in color and is soluble in turpentine and thus can be used as yellow varnish.

The fruit of Garcinia Cambogia contains citric acid and acetic acid. Due to the presence of various acids in it can be safely used as an antiseptic. The dried form of it can be used to polish gold and silver. Also as it contains formic acid and acetic so it can be used as a very good substitute in latex coagulation. Vrikshamla fruit decoction can be used as a treatment in rheumatism and digestive disorders. Also the fruit can be used as

Generally fruit, oil and bark of the roots of this tree are used for various medicinal purposes.

As per Ayurveda vrikshamla has laghu (light) and ruksha (dry) properties, amal rasa (sour taste) and ushna virya(hot potency). Vrikshamla suppresses aggravated vata and kapha dosha in the body due it its above mentioned properties. Vrikshamla is a very good appetite suppressor. Vrikshamla churn has hydroxyl citric acid which acts as a very good anti- obesity agent by suppressing lip genesis (a process in which an enzyme called ATP citrate lyase which converts excess calories), fatty acid synthesis.

HCA (Hydroxyl citric acid) makes this enzyme ineffective by binding with it. It also coverts excess of calories into glycogen which gets stored in liver and skeletal muscles as glycogen. when the levels of glycogen rises in the body the glucoreceptors present in the liver gets stimulated and send some signals to brain to suppress the appetite. It inhibits the synthesis and absorption of fat. Vrikshamla fulfill the glycogen content in the liver thus it suppresses the appetite and therefore increases the energy levels.

Vrikshamla cut downs the production of cholesterol and triglycerides and increases thermo genesis I. e fat burning process. It thus reduces conversion and accumulation of fat in the body and helps reducing weight. Thus vrikshamla has proved itself as a very potent drug that can be used in the treatment of obesity and management of cholesterol levels in the body.

Obesity is that condition of the body in which excess body fat gets accumulated in the body due to wrong eating habits and bad lifestyle leading to major medical problems and early death. Obesity is measured through BMI (body mass index) which is the ratio of your weight in kilograms and square height in cams.

The normal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2. BMI above 24.9 kg/m2 i.e. 25.0 kg/m2 to 29.9 kg/m2 is considered as overweight category, BMI above 29.9 kg/m2 i.e. 30 kg/m2 to 34.9 kg/m2 is Grade 1 obesity , BMI above 34.9 kg/m2 i.e.35 kg/m2 to 39.9 kg/m2 is grade 2 obesity and BMI above 40 kg/m2 is considered as severe obesity. A BMI of 45kg/m2 to 49.9 kg/m2 is morbid obese and BMI above 50 kg/m2 is super obese.

So in this way obesity leads you to various diseases as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis and even cancer. Basically fruit extract of garcinia cambogia is used for that purpose. Regular intake of vrikshamla under ayurvedic physician guide keeps your body in perfect shape.vrikshamla does not have any toxic effects if taken in normal dosage.

Vrikshamla does not have any side effects on the central nervous system as usually done by other weight loss chemical stimulants which causes nervousness, insomnia, and high blood pressure. The causes of obesity include bad diet, sedentary life style mainly. So people who don’t like to do workout at all should take vrikshamla regularly so as to be fit and dine.

Let us look at some benefits of Vrikshamla - Natural Appetite Suppressant

· Vrikshamla also functions as cardiotonic. It can be used in tumors, pains and other heart complaints.

· It also provides you relief from catarrh conditions in the throat and bronchus.

· It also protects kidney and urinary system.

· It is used widely for wounds healing. It also helps in combating various body infections.

· It also helps in treating various skin related disorders. It also improves skin complexion as it contains a very good quantity of Vitamin C in it which works very well in skin problems and also Vitamin C acts as a quite beneficial healer for the body.

· It is also used in cases of hyperthermia as it brings down the body temperature and reduces burning sensation in the body.

· It fruit is also used in the preparation of herbal syrups which gives cooling effect in summers.

· It helps in the digestion and assimilation of food .that is why it can also be used for treating various digestion related problems which include pain in abdomen, loss of taste etc. it even helps in conditions like constipation and conditions that arises due to constipation as anal fissure and piles, fistula etc.

· Vrikshamla can also be given to a person suffering from general body weakness, thus, Vrikshamla improves your overall health besides acting as a great appetite suppressor.

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