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kofol is small medicated candy that is useful in treating both the types of cough, productive as well as dry cough. kofol acts as peripheral anti-tussant and this reduces the irritation of bronchial mucosa. It is also having the property of anti-inflammation which helps in reduction in the upper respiratory tract inflammation, particularly in the pharynx and in larynx. Moreover, it is also having the property of the anti-allergic, antimicrobial and it helps in building the immune-resistance relieving the cough caused due to various reasons. kofol is complete cough remedy that is used as anti-tussive and decongestant.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Lozenge
Servings per Container: 12

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Dosage: Take one lozenge, dissolved slowly in the mouth, three to four times a day. Package contains 12 lozenges.

Side Effects: - If it is taken according to the prescription of your physician then it is not having any types of side effects.

Indication: - Pharyngitis, laryngitis, cough caused due to various reasons

It was a tradition to use herbal remedies in order to maintain the health of lungs, to boost resistance power to fight against infections of the upper respiratory tract, to clear bronchi-alveolar passages and to fight against cough as well as bronchitis. Vitamins and herbal health supplement helps to build good resistance power to fight against respiratory infections during the seasons of high risk.

It is been proved since ancient time that the use of combination of herbal teas with hot herbal baths fights against respiratory infections and enhances convalescence. It was also a tradition to make an application of essential oils and extracts from herbs as they worked as antibacterial agents and thus helped to prevent the infection. It is also confirmed by modern studies that many herbal essences and extracts act as potent antibacterial action. Herbal antibacterial agents do not induce bacterial tolerance and hence there is no interference with antibiotic therapy, which is the main advantage of it.

kofol also acts as tonic for mucous membranes; it also helps to reduce phlegm and is also having soothing effect on the inflammation and pain of mucous membranes. kofol is having anti-catarrhal herb which helps to decrease mucus by decreasing the secretion of fluid mucus and may give relief in wheezing as well as in coughing, it is also proved in getting rid of the conditions like hay-fever, different types of allergies, and asthma. kofol reduces the urge to cough as it dissolves the mucus; suppresses the growth of bacteria and also inflammation.

kofol is also proved as a best lung healer that helps in reducing inflammation, it gives the moisture to phlegm and helps in its expectoration and this helps to give relief from sore throats. kofol gives strength to the lung’s tissue lining; it is having a special nutritive ingredient and is of useful in chronic deficiency conditions with exhaustion. kofol dissolves thickened lung and throat membranes that too gently. It changes and neutralizes toxins and makes the bacterial cell walls weak and makes them lifeless.

kofol is useful for the conditions of various chest problems it is having fantabulous soothing expectorant that relieves abrasive, irritating coughs and infection of chest. kofol is said to cure common colds with fever and it also possesses decongestive properties to soothe the lymph. The product helps in removal of respiratory congestion and also in reducing the mouth and lung inflammation and hence, it clears off troublesome effects of coughs and soreness in mouth. kofol gives nourishment and softly changes the nerves function, function of lungs and improves the immune system and it acts well when the mucus discharge is yellow, thick, yellow, rattling and sticky. It relieves the inflammation of throat and the surfaces of bronchia and improves the conditions which are having the difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath.

kofol also liquefies the viscid sputum and thus helps in clearing the coughing easily. kofol is having a vegetable gum that helps to loosen accumulation of phlegm which gets collected in the lungs, sinus cavities, and also in the passages of the bronchia. kofol acts as respiratory stimulants and is having action on the respiratory system’s nerves and muscles. It helps in the loosening and then expulsion of mucus.


I suffer from throat irritation, will kofol help me?

Of course yes! The blend of potential natural herbs used in kofol possesses soothing effects. They help alleviating irritation in throat and also in expelling phlegm. It can coat the entire respiratory tract so leaving it soothed.

I have dry cough, will kofol help in relieving it too?

Yes! kofol helps in both the coughs; productive and dry. The ingredients used in kofol are potential cough relievers. According to Ayurveda, ingredients used in Kolfet have anti-kapha action that scraps excess mucous if any. In case of dry cough too, they act by soothing the respiratory tract.  

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