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Extrammune is an Ayurvedic herbo-mineral formulation from Herbals. It is containing many medicinal herbs which act as immune-modulators to make the immune system strong. Extrammune contains anti-inflammatory properties, which enhance the non-specific type of body’s immune responses.

Extrammune is said to activate macrophage production and hence, ultimately stimulates the phagocytosis. It also increases the production of polymorphonuclear cells and therefore, helps in fighting against various infections.

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Extrammune helps in building up the resistance to infection and it also helps prevent re-occurrence of infections. Extrammune, being immunity booster, increases the granulocyte-macrophage differentiation, natural killer cell activity and so can fasten the healing of health ailments.

The weakened immune system that otherwise is body's main way of defense, can certainly bring many health hazards. Such unhealthy conditions can further weaken other body systems. The treatment used for quick relief commonly used in general practice only relieve the symptoms temporarily but do not help for long term any more, neither they provide any preventative measurements. Extrammune is an Ayurvedic medicine that helps building up the body’s defense mechanism so that it takes care of day-to-day infection.

Extrammune is also considered to be an immunity tonic that can be taken as daily health supplement. It is formulated with all natural and potent herbs and minerals. Extrammune’s main action is to build the immunity against various infections and it also stimulate the white blood cells so that they work at their best preventing and fighting harmful microorganisms. Extrammune also increases the synthesis of erythropoietic and granulopoietic precursor cells, stab cells and primary myelocytes.

Extrammune, immune builder tonic, is available in both the forms; syrup and tablets. Generally, Extrammune is advisable for a long term protection of the body against various microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and even protozoa. However, according to Ayurvedic scholars, Extrammune is to be taken for a couple of months in order to get satisfying results.

Benefits of Extrammune

  • Extrammune helps in enhancing the effectiveness of protective white blood cells and thus helps in protection of the body to fight against infection.
  • Extrammune helps in optimization of the immuno modulating mechanisms of the body.
  • Extrammune helps to deal with modern allergens.
  • Extrammune can be used by all ages as an ultimate health promoting product.
  • Improves defence against sinusitis, tonsilitis, otorrhoea, furunculosis and other septic conditions.

Indications for taking Extrammune

Extrammune tablets are to be taken when the following symptoms are seen:

  1. Extrammune can be taken as a daily health supplement in case of patients those are prone to have infections such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, otorrhoea, furunculosis.
  2. Extrammune helps in the treatment of:
    1. Lower respiratory tract infections
    2. Upper respiratory tract infections
    3. Skin and soft tissue infections and inflammations
    4. Allergic disorders of upper respiratory tract
    5. Infective and inflammatory conditions of the eye
    6. Dental and periodontal infections
    7. Bone and joint infections
    8. Urinary tract infections

Extrammune Ingredients (Per Tablet):

Each tablet contains Botanical name Qty/ Tab
Part I :- Powder * Triphala Guggul - 100 mg
Part II: * Zinzeber officinale, Piper nigrum, Piper longum - Trikatu - 100 mg * Tinospora cordifolia - Guduchi/Galo - 250 mg * Curcuma longa - Haldi - 250 mg * Rubia cordifolia - Manjistha - 125 mg * Plumbago zeylanica - Chitrak - 75 mg

Directions for taking Extrammune

In initial days 2 tablets are to be taken twice a day, and then 1 tablet is to be taken twice a day, or is to be taken as directed by the doctor.

Extrammune Side Effects:

Extrammune is not having any type of side effects if it is taken as per the dosage prescribed.

Extrammune from Herbals

Extrammune is from the makers of Liv. 52, a flagship product by Herbals that is endorsed by hundreds of thousands of health care practitioners worldwide and used by millions of patients across the world. Like other products of Herbals, Extrammune has been researched clinically and standardized in order to assure the bioequivalence.

Bioequivalence refers to assuring the product on the market which is tantamount to the one on what authentic research has been successfully conducted. Extrammune undergoes chromatographic fingerprinting that is one of the most advanced standardizing techniques that ensures marvelous quality and super performance

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