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Herbal henna mehndi is a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs which give natural color to your hair. Herbal mehndi is a natural coloring agent that is safe and effective for all types of hair and do not produce any side effects. It helps to give extra shining and lusture to your hair. Herbal mehnidi provides the natural dye for hair and it does not damage the cuticle of your hair. It makes your hair strong and healthy and increases the shining of your hair. Herbal mehndi is used since ages as a natural colour of hair. It not only gives colour to your hair but also helps to strengthen the roots of your hair. It helps to keep your hair strong and healthy.

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How to Apply:

Mix water in henna powder according to your need. Spray fresh water on your hairs to make it moist and with the help of brush apply henna herbal powder on the scalp. Leave for 60 minutes to 90 minutes and then rinse.


* Withinia somniferra 75 mg
* Puraria tuberose 75 mg
* Lepidium sativum 150 mg
* Gentiana sativum 150 mg
* Acacia Arabica 50 mg
* Ephedra gerardiana 5 mg
* Cassia tora 30 mg
* Oroxylum indicum 30 mg
* Mucana pruries 50 mg
* Cassytha filiformis 10 mg
* Lauh bhasam 10 mg

Herbal mehndi helps to prevent dandruff by working on the scalp. It gives nourishment and strength to the roots of your hair and prevents falling of hair. Herbal mehndi does not contain any chemicals which may harm your hair and cause any side effects. All the herbs in this product are safe and natural. It also helps in relieving the excessive itching of the scalp caused due to dandruff.

Herbal mehndi also helps to prevent excessive hair loss. It prevents the formation of dandruff in your scalp and keeps your head free from any itching or redness. Herbal mehndi gives a cooling effect to your scalp and thus it also helps in relieving stress.

Herbal mehndi is made up of natural herbs that do not have any side effects. Hair loss occurs in almost every person at one or the other stage of life. It is best to treat the problem with natural herbs rather than damaging them more with use of solutions containing chemicals. Herbal mehndi is free from any side effects and its natural ingredients nourish your hair and gives new life to your hair. Herbal mehndi helps in rejuvenating the cells of the hair follicle thus making them thicker, stronger and healthier.

Herbal mehndi is a unique combination of natural herbs and it gives life to your hair. It reduces the roughness of the hair and increases the shining of your hair. It helps to give natural colour to your hair. Herbal mehndi helps to give conditioning to your hair and makes them strong and healthy. It is very easy to apply and does not cause any reaction on the skin. It helps to reduce the itching of the scalp.

Herbal mehndi is widely used all over the world by a large number of people as it is safe and effective. The natural ingredients in the herbal mehndi makes it safest product for your hair. Herbal mehndi emphasize at improving hair-health. It not only provides the essential nutrients to hair, but goes a long way in making the local biological atmosphere more favorable to hair-health and growth. Herbal mehndi is an excellent powder that is prepared by mixing different natural herbs and gives nourishment and strength to your hair. It also helps to prevent the split ends of the hair which prevents the growth of hair. Thus regular application of herbal mehndi on your scalp calms your brain and increases your memory.


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