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Tobacco Abuse Articles

Cigarette – smoking has become one of the most controversial topics of the day. One the one hand, there are the consumers who would not mind taking some risks for the sake of the comfort or pleasure they derive from smoking, and also the cigarette manufacturers who have built up huge business and on the other, the findings of various medical authorities that smoking is definitely connected with lung cancer, heart troubles and other physical ailments.

Tobacco is said to diminish appetite, decrease digestive power, create nausea and hamper the physical functions of the heart and lungs. Black spots under the eyes, weakening of Gnanendriyas or the sense organs, tonsils, ulcers in and foul smell from the mouth, dul!, thick, yellow and dirty skin are all attributed to the use of tobacco.

Indeed, those who carry on the fight against tobacco have gone to the extent of saying that if one is anxious to see an early end to one’s life and reduction in one’s mental any physical powers, then one cannot do better than become a tobacco addict.

Statistics have been collected to show the dangers of smoking. Roger William Riis and Lois Mattox Miller say:

“Nicotine is the essential ingredient of tobacco. It is what makes tobacco and  not just another weed. When one smokes, most of the nicotine escapes into the air. About a third goes into the mouth. Where a little is absorbed. Of what goes into the lungs, perhaps a fifth is absorbed. The hotter the burning surface, the more nicotine is taken into the system. Thus, the faster one smokes, the more nicotine one gets, smoking twice as fast results in ten times as much nicotine. And the closer to the end of a cigarette one smokes, the more nicotine also, because the butt, having filtered the first part of the cigarette, has more than its share of nicotine.”

They then describe the poisonous nature of nicotine in the following manner:

“In pure form nicotine is a violent poison. One drop on  rabbit’s skin, throws the rabbit into instant shock. If the nicotine content of a trifle more than two cigarettes were injected into the blood stream, it would kill a smoker swiftly.

“If you smoke a packet of twenty a day, you inhale 400 milligrams of nicotine a week, which in a single injection would kill you as quickly as a bullet.

“In factories which make nicotine insecticides, case of acute poisoning occur now and then. One worker sat on a stool the concave seat of which held a little spilt nicotine. In less than two minutes he fell to the floor, blue in the face, apparently dead. Rushed to the hospital, he recovered quickly, as one does from light nicotine poisoning. But when he returned to the shop and put on those nicotine soaked trousers again, again he fell headlong to the ground, and had to be revived a second time.”

Another authority says: “ No doctor claims that smoking soothes the throat. The argument hinges on the extent to which cigarettes irritate the throat. If you smoke a packet a day. You take in 840 cubic centimeters of tobacco tar in a year. That means that you have drenched your throat and lungs with 27 fluid ounces, or 15 full cocktail glasses of tobacco tar containing benzopyrene.” And benzopyrene, according to this authority, is a greater threat to heavy smokers than nicotine.

The Royal College of Physicians Report stated unequivocally:

 Cigarette smoking is a cause of lung cancer and bronchitis and probably contributes to the development of coronary heart disease and various less common diseases.

Cigarette smokers have the greatest risk of dying from these diseases, and the risk is greater for the heaviest smokers.

The many deaths from these diseases present a challenge to medicine: in so far as they are due to smoking they should be preventable.

The harmful effects of cigarette smoking might be reduced by efficient filters, by leaving longer cigarette stubs, or by changing from cigarette to pipe or cigar smoking.

The other group argues whether those persons who do not smoke or consume tobacco in any form do not get lung cancer or suffer from the other diseases claimed to be due to smoking or consumption of tobacco and the answer is that these diseases are more prevalent among those who use tobacco.

The reply given to the question, “if nicotine is such a poison, then why doesn’t smoking kill us?” Is that “the remarkably adjustable human body can gradually build up a tolerance for larger and larger doses of poison and further because, in smoke, it is not accumulated in sufficient quantities”

According to Ayurvedic theory, tobacco is hot, pungent, narcotic, bitter, causing nausea, vomiting and reducing the power of eye – sight. these effects can be seen usually in a person using tobacco in any form.

Tobacco increases Pitta and to those who have Pitta Prakriti in predominance, tobacco would certainly be harmful. But tobacco is anti Vata and anti Kapha. It will decrease Vayu and Kapha and hence it suits people of Vata and Kapha Prakriti, more so the latter.

It is claimed by scientists that while we smoke or consume tobacco in any form the sugar in the blood increases and consequently we feel a sort of well being but soon as the effect is over, he sugar in the blood falls resulting in a feeling of discomfort and weakness and hence one has to resort on and off to smoking or to the use of tobacco in some other form.

The question may naturally be asked if there is any remedy in Ayurveda to stop the habit of consuming tobacco, to which my answer is : Any preparation containing Nux Vomica (Vishatinduk) like Agni Tundi Vati, 2 pills after principal meals with water will give one stamina, feeling of well being and slowly and gradually enable one to do away with tobacco. But with some persons, this, in turn, becomes an addiction. So, while getting rid of one habit, another is formed. Therefore, it is strong will power that is needed above all to get rid of the tobacco habit. Again, opinions differ as to whether one should stop tobacco abruptly or by degrees. Ayurveda advocates the slow and gradual process.

In conclusing, according to Ayurvedic theory, those people who have already had coronary trouble or are suffering from diabetes or high or low blood pressure, should slowly and gradually give up tobacco.

There are also varieties of tobacco, some being very strong, pungent and bitter and very hot in action. Those who are smoking in very moderate quantity and with whom it has been a habit for many years need not worry much about it.

But those who are very heavy smokers, those who have responsibility on their head of their own family or business, those who are endowed with a massive and plump body and those who are of the Pitta Prakriti must be careful about the use of tobacco in any form.

It has also been sound that the tobacco habit is developed in childhood. So parents and teachers would do well to ensure that children do not indulge secretly or otherwise in the consumption of tobacco.

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