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Kaya Kalpa

The current excitement has been stimulated by many magazine articles and especially such books as “Feminine Forever”. The search for the secret of youth is, however, not new and man has always sought the way to maintain a state of freshness and buoyancy.

Many nostrums have been suggested and lauded from time to mine, yoghurt, procaine and, of course, the famous method of Voronoff the transplating of glands.

What is unfortunately not so widely known is that in our own system of medicine, Ayurveda, there have been given detailed techniques and procedures, coupled with suitable diets and drugs, through which one can regain lost strength, vim and vitality, popularly called Kaya Kalpa.

To understand it, we may refer to the fact that the physical body as a whole is made up of cells which maintain themselves through metabolism. That ancient sages were fully aware of this is apparent from the fact that they used the term Deha which means that which grows and sharira (body) refer to what is reduced to pieces. There are the twin processes of anabolism and catabolism which are constantly taking place in every cell for its sustenance.

It may be mentioned that a recent theory regarding the nature of the ageing process is based on understanding and controlling these fundamental cell processes. The growth of the body is the result of nourishment, and after digestion, the dhatus or body constituents are assimilated and they supply the vital and important factors needed for rejuvenation.

In considering the question of longevity of life, Atreya mentions the interplay of two factors. In Chapter 3 of Vimana Sthana (36-1), he says; “Since thus, we see that life is both kinds (predetermined and unpredetermined), it is not right to cleave to either side exclusively”. In other words, he recognizes the importance of genic and hereditary factors and yet at the same time insists that the recipes etc. suggested by the sages concerning the subject of revitalization are not meaningless.

Kaya Kalpa, therefore, is not a sort of ambrosia concerned with staving off death and decay for ever, but rather a means of retaining and even regaining strength, energy, buoyancy of spirit and such like characteristics. To quote him again: “The length of life is a matter of care and husbandry: the opposite conditions lead to death”. Life force, endowed with full vitality by nature and maintained in the right manner, will continue to bless the individual with real joy of youth.

To attain this happy state,  it is most essential to beware of improper and excessive use of antibiotics, hypnoties, sedatives, analgesics and anti-histamines which today is proving ruinous to our general health, for they suppress the symptoms and alleviate suffering only temporarily, but do not root out the trouble or increase the general power of resistance. It is, therefore, that Rasayana treatment is the crying need of our times.

Rasayana possesses wonderful possibilities since it can promote health and longevity, preserve freshness and youth, eliminate torpor, somnolence, fatigue, exhaustion and indolence. It restores the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, firms up flabby flesh, stimulates the digestive processes and promotes luster, glow of complexion and strength of voice.

The stories about how Chyawana and other rishis regained their youth, became attractive to women, acquired compact, well – proportioned limbs, well-knit frames, acute sensory faculties and capacity to endure hardships these are not just fairy tales. Rasayana treatment is of two kinds. The main method, Kutipraveshika, involves a stricter regimen of life. A special cottage is prepared and the patient is to stay in it according to proper rules, under constant vigilance of the physician. The cottage should not be exposed to winds and excessive sunlight.

The other method is Vata Atapika (Vata means air and Atapika is sunlight). This method is such that the patient can pursue the usual activities of his normal life.

To understand the basic principles, we may mention that according to the ancient texts, the ills of the body arise from undue consumption of sour, salt, pungent and alkaline articles of food, dried vegetables, flesh, til, til paste and pastries, grains and pulses that have either begun to sprout or are new, foods that are non homologous, heavy, putrid or stale, or by taking food at irregular hours or in excessive quantities or too frequently. The worst sufferers are those inclined to day-sleeping or who indulge in sex excessively or in wine drinking or even those who take violent exercise. Fear, grief, greed, infatuation are emotions that hasten the ageing process.

As a resuit of these various factors, muscles become flabby, joints loose, blood decomposed the bone marrow weak, semen insufficient and Ojas depleted. The psychological characteristics associated with age begin to supervene, so, there is mental sluggishness, loss of memory, decrease of intelligence and lustre.

Rasayana lifts one out of this pit and makes for a new upsurge of life. It is not possible to go into the details of treatment but a brief mention may be made of the fact that Rasayana demands first a full cleansing of the body as well as ridding the mind of evil thoughts and emotions. Full faith in the physician is also essential.

Unlike western methods which attempt only to supply deficiencies of hormones and the like and follow the replacement therapy, Kaya Kalpa aims at regeneration of the whole man so that he may once again have a vibrant and virile personality.

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