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The conditions where ZYX Hair cream is beneficial are mentioned below:-

  • Alopecia areata, which is a sudden hair loss found as a patch that ultimately result in bald spots in different portions of the scalp.
  • Alopecia totalis, which is a total hair loss across the scalp (however, this condition is quite difficult to cure only with ZYX Hair cream).
  • Androgenic alopecia, which means a typical male pattern hair loss

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How to Use: Use on a daily basis for between three months to six months depending upon your individual condition and then maybe twice or thrice a week to keep a strong head of hair. It works well for both men and women.

A normal physiological cycle of the growth of the hair lasts for 2 to 6 years. Every hair grows about one centimeter (yes, less than ½ an inch) every month during this growing phase. It could be amazing to know that about 90% of the hair on anybody’s scalp is under growing-phase at any given time. This means that approximately 10% of the hair on the scalp, at any given time, enjoys resting-phase.

Ingredients of Hair Loss Cream ZYX

hair loss remedy


AMLA: Fruit extract known to darken gray hair and advance hair growth.
SHIKAKAI: Decoction of pods used in the elimination of dandruff and promotion of hair growth.
BHRINGRAJ: A herb preparation commonly used for the promotion of hair growth

Every second or third month, the resting hair sheds off and new hair replace and grow then on. It is absolutely physiological to shed off approximately 50-80 hairs every day during various processes such as bathing, combing, hairdos and even sleeping. The problem occurs when the person experiences excessive (more than normal) hair losses.

Hair loss of any type can affect any person; whether a man, woman and even a child. Hair loss is ignorable until it is in excess amounts. Severe and so considerable hair loss generally begins gradually with a few extra hairs that one can notice in the sink or while combing. But this loss is a real health problem that one should pay attention to.

There are plenty of causes that give rise to hair loss such as some diseases, and wrong hair care can end up in severe hair loss. Hair loss is a far-flung problem across the world, especially found in the middle aged people. Women are less likely to suffer from severe hair loss though they shed off the hair daily as a normal physiological process described earlier. There is a solution that can prevent the hair loss – application of ZYX Hair Cream is considered to be effective though harmless hair loss treatment.

Approximately 40 million men in North America are reported to suffer from hair loss in one or the other way. It is quite obvious that hair loss, if left untreated especially among men may result in complete baldness, medically known as alopecia. The major problem about hair loss is that it makes a fellow to feel embarrassed while being among people in public events such as parties, get-togethers etc.

Using ZYX Hair cream can prevent hair loss which is a real emotional problem for the sufferer. A man suffering from hair loss feels a true anxiety and stress that may again accelerate the process of hair loss. Such men are afraid of exposing their heads with baldness publicly since many of them think that such problem is unmanly! It is quite okay to accept some loss of hair but then when it exceeds the normal limit, one should opt for some effective hair loss solutions such as ZYX Hair cream.

Though, nowadays, clean-shaven head is also looked as a fashion, there are many things can be done with grooming hair such as various hairdos, styles, coloring and many more! Unfortunately, nobody is left from a hair loss problem; no matter which period of life they are in! The reasons could be many – right from mental stress, anxiety to imbalance of the men hormones in the body etc. Malnourishment is also a ‘non-ignorable’ factor that can cause hair loss. Iron also plays an important role in oxygenation of the body’s RBCs and is very important element for the healthy growth and maintenance of hair. Lots of other vitamins and minerals also help in keeping hair stronger and healthier.

ZYX Hair cream contains natural herbal extracts those are known for their ‘hair-root’ strengthening properties. The natural herbs found in the formula of ZYX Hair cream are handpicked and are taken in their most potential forms. There are hundreds of thousands of people across the world those have been using ZYX Hair cream and are being benefited with goodness of herbal properties. The users of this hair cream report that ZYX Hair cream is very effective in various hair loss conditions as it is the best among all hair loss solutions.

Nothing could be more mortifying for a man than losing the hair in abundant quantity, particularly now when he has become so obsessed with his appearance and the social stigmas have become an integral part of the life. Hair loss is not a health ailment that has been recently developed, in fact, this has been a concerned for many men since centuries. Lots of evidences suggest that in those olden days, men and women had various natural remedies including topical solutions to cure loss of hair.

Hair loss treatment included ointments, concoctions, and natural decoctions that they used to take internally. However, best among all hair loss solution has been considered is some effective, natural hair loss cream that we today have as ZYX Hair cream. The cream is simple to apply and that is said to be a topical solution that prevent thinning of hair and also to prevent the hair loss effectively.

The market booms with many hair loss treatment options that come as hair loss creams but many of them contain chemicals those are harmful in long-run. The ingredients may contain the chemicals that may give a temporary result but then it may gradually start irritating the hair roots that can later on produce bad effects. ZYX Hair cream is free from all those harmful and hazardous chemicals and offer you a great hair loss solution without any unwanted effects. The ingredients used in ZYX Hair cream are all natural herbal extracts that help strengthening the root and also to provide strength to the hair shafts.

ZYX Hair cream is a topical solution that stimulates the hair follicles and makes them to produce newer and healthier cells. These cells are capable to create better hair growth and ultimately grow thicker, darker and stronger hair. Till today, there have been no reports that suggest that people who used ZYX Hair cream felt irritation, scars, itch or any other unwanted/abnormal effects. The manufacturer of ZYX Hair cream suggests that if such side effect, though extremely rare, occurs, one should discontinue use of this hair loss treatment and look for some skin specialist.

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