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Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Stones supplement

Calcury used as a kidney stone supplement can stop the process of urolithiasis (medical term for stone formation). According to an estimate, every year, 1 out of 1000 adults in the United States gets hospitalized due to stones somewhere in their urinary tract. Stones might form when the urine is very saturated with different salts those can form stones or simply due to the urine that lacks the normal inhibitors required to stop the formation of the calculi.

Packaging: A bottle of 40 tablets.

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1 to 2 tablets three times a day for 6-8 weeks.

Kidney stones – they really pain severely

The pain that kidney stones produce is as much as getting stabbed in the flanks with a sharp knife. Even worst, the pain is felt as if someone has twisted that sharp edge knife. The process could be repeated for a few more times without giving any notification to the sufferer. The reason why renal calculi (medical term for kidney stones) produce so intensive pain is because they have a razor-sharp, jagged edges due to an obvious reason that they are after all stones. When these stones try to get passed through the ureter, they cause severe pain, and can damage all the organs they go through.

The product has natural herbal extracts as its potent ingredients those are said to smooth the sharp edges of the stones and ultimately dissolving them to a dust like tiny particle.Stone present in the urinary tract might cause severe tenderness; bleeding and can also obstruct the urine flow, or can also produce renal infection.

Calcury used as a kidney stone supplement can stop the process of urolithiasis (medical term for stone formation). According to an estimate, every year, 1 out of 1000 adults in the United States gets hospitalized due to stones somewhere in their urinary tract. Stones might form when the urine is very saturated with different salts those can form stones or simply due to the urine that lacks the normal inhibitors required to stop the formation of the calculi.

Composition of the renal calculi

About 80% of the stones are made up of element calcium. However, renal calculi can also be formed due to various other elements/components such as uric acid, cystine, and struvite. Struvite stone is a mixture of Mg (magnesium), NH4, and phosphate and this is known as infection stone since it occurs generally in urine with some infection. Stones differ in size and shape from being too tiny to be seen with the microscope alone to one inch or more in diameter that can be seen with naked eyes.

Kidney stone formation and role of Calcury

The kidneys are very awful organs and the task they perform is extremely important one. Kidneys are responsible to cleanse the bodies of the potentially deadly toxic substances that are formed in the body on a daily basis. They ca not do this extremely tough job without a favor from us undoubtedly. When the person pumps up with more soda and than water, or more chocolate and not fruits, they debilitate the kidneys and make a fair chance to have excruciating renal calculi.

Everything in the body is composed of a system that depends upon proper functioning and balance. Urine is the fluid that kidneys excrete out of the body is no different. When the urine contains calcium or uric acid in excess amounts than the kidneys can break them down, or kidneys are short of the components that they require to prevent the crystal-forming contents like calcium to get stick together then such crystals turn in stones/calculi. The size of these calculi could be as tiny as a grain of sand or it could be as large as sparrow’s egg!

Regular consumption of Calcury as a therapy for kidney stone removal helps in preventing those troublesome episodes when you are awakened in the middle of the night because of an extensive pain felt below the ribs. The pain is so severe that you may bend forward to heal it naturally. Though you have tried drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, it might not have helped you the way you wanted. Calcury is a powerful herbal pill that can break down the stone and gradually even melt curing the renal calculi.

Actions of Calcury

  • Calcury can reduce renal calculi pain
  • It can also flush out gravel and cleanse the urinary tract
  • Calcury can dissolve calculi by acting on their chemical composition
  • Regular intake of Calcury can prevent inflammation and urinary infections caused by movement of existing calculi
  • It can also prevent calculi from forming in the future

Calcury – herbal way to get rid of kidney stones

Calcury is a revolutionary, non-prescription natural product that contains ingredients those have been used for kidney stones since years. Regular usage of Calcury is said to flush kidney stones out of the body and also stop new ones from forming. With the betterment and advancement in medical science, there are lots of research those have helped scientists to identify the biochemical cause of renal calculi. Based on those new findings, researchers were capable to isolated potential chemical extracts from herbs those have been said as kidney friendly plants. Using this essential material, Calcury is prepared to reverse the chemical process of kidney stone formation and also to breakdown them, if any.

The active ingredients present in Calcury can help supporting the four major factors of kidney stone removal mentioned below:

  1. Calcury can disintegrate renal calculi and decrease the intensity of pain.
  2. Regular consumption of Calcury can flush out gravel from the body through urination.
  3. Many health care providers believe that Calcury, along with its stone breaking properties, can also prevent urinary tract infections.
  4. Calcury can also be taken as prophylactic herbal supplement to prevent the formation of renal calculi.

Kidney stones are the result of accumulation of metabolic wastes for months together. The wastage that had to be eliminated through the urine is stored and then formed renal calculi. Such kind of accumulation might happen when the chemicals and pH environment of the kidneys just get out of its track. Even the smallest calculus is wide enough to get occupied in urinary tract and can cause a severe damage. The real danger from renal calculus lies in its unpredictable potential to hurt the organ.

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