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SlimShapes are said to be the best substitute (some people who have used the product even claim this as a replacement) to expensive/invasive surgeries such as liposuction. To have cellulite in the body is known to depress a person and level of confidence, especially all the women who want to enjoy the beaches freely, without getting worried about those ugly cheesy spots!

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Packaging: 1 Tube = 100 gm

How to Use: Apply thoroughly over the arms, thigh, hip & stomach or the affected areas twice daily. After few applications you will feel your skin smoother. After a month you will find that the cellulite is noticeably reduced & body contours look more refined. Results may vary from person to person. For best results use for at least eight weeks.

Cellulite, in all probability, is the ugliest spots in human's outer anatomy! It is considered as one of the most obstinate problems to combat with. Everyone fears about having cellulite on their buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Since this health ailment is very difficult to eliminate, it is generally left untreated, totally ignored. This, in long run, makes layers of fatty tissues all over the body and gives extremely ugly look. The person is then caught by obesity which is considered as the mother of the diseases.

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2 Tubes
5 Tubes

The beauty and health industry brings plenty of health-products that are said to offer great results to remove the cellulite but unfortunately not all are favored in an innocent way. Results though differ from person to person and from case-to-case of the cellulite.

There are plenty of people who correlate cellulite with obesity that is affecting mostly the women. Might surprise to everyone, cellulite can appear on women of any size and got less association with obesity! Cellulite is just a lumpy, bulgy layer that is generally found where excess fatty tissues are stored just beneath the surface of the skin. The condition is formed by the accumulation of fats in pockets underneath collagen fibers. When these collagen fibers cannot bear that excess fats any more, they expand and finally burst that ultimately causes the lumps and dimples that is noticed n the skin surface. The health care providers label this condition as ‘cheesy look’ or ‘orange peel look’.

Ingredients of Slim Shape Cream

slim shape Each 100 g contains
  • Myrica cerifera 2 %
  • Wheat germ oil 0.20 %
  • Cyperus rotundus 0.50 %
  • Groundnut 2 %
  • Olive 0.005 %
  • Prunes amygladus 0.005 %
  • Ocimum sanctum 0.5%
  • Piper nigram 0.10 %
  • Cream base q.s.

The health care industry booms with plenty of cellulite creams, gels and lotions. However, to choose the right one is all where the results lie. SlimShapes is one of the most trusted cellulite cream used for cellulite removal. The ingredients used in this cream are generally well tolerated and there are no reports suggesting any allergic condition or any unwanted/harmful side effects after the usage of SlimShapes.

It is quite common theory that the best cellulite cream that can treat such an embarrassing condition has to melt, penetrate deep inside the fatty tissues, remove toxins and then to make body free from fatty layers. SlimShapes is known for such properties. The ingredients used in the formula are natural herbs those have been used to treat various fatty problems since many years by holistic health care healers.

SlimShapes are said to stimulate cellular circulation and take off the extra fluids between skin cells and that tightens the structure, getting rid of cellulite appearance. Cellulite removal was not an easy process before, but using SlimShapes, there are hundreds of thousands of customers across the world now enjoy their slim and trim bodies.

The people who have successfully used SlimShapes and also the researchers now believe that the cream reduces the presence of fatty tissues in the skin though it may take some weeks or even months but then waiting is worth when you compare the results.  Lots of people carry an impression that once they are caught by cellulite, surgery is the only way and since it is expensive way, let it leave forever. This is not the case when you have SlimShapes with you. The best cellulite cream is just here to help you out. Regular usage of the cream can melt the fatty layers and can make the skin tighter than ever before.

Many holistic health care healers suggest practicing some exercises in addition to application of SlimShapes cellulite cream. Cellulite removal is also accelerated by adopting proper diet and one has to give up junk and canned/packed food that contains lots of calories and preservatives. Cellulite may re-surface if the person stops applying SlimShapes, eats lots of calorie foods and give ups exercises.

However, different types of skin react differently to cellulite removal cream, the SlimShapes. Nevertheless, more and more people are now going for such a natural therapy rather than getting some appointment with cosmetic surgeon. SlimShapes cellulite cream is proved to be effective and affordable alternative treating cellulite condition.

Consistency is applying SlimShapes is essential to get great results. Unlike other cellulite creams, SlimShapes not just masks the problem on any temporary basis but regular use with some dietary precaution and useful exercises can keep cellulite a bay for years. You can then get rid of dimply skin over your important and attractive areas! You can then take out your favorite bikinis, swimsuits and thongs that you otherwise fear of wearing due to ugly marks of cellulite on your thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Most of the health care providers think that SlimShapes anti-cellulite cream is very effective since its potential ingredients can enter in the bloodstream and break down the fatty tissues and also extra connective tissues. This, in turn, gives a youthful and fresh look to the dimply skin. The ingredients are all natural ingredients and thus be used safely without getting fear of unwanted effects. SlimShapes is a natural cream that contains the goodness of potential natural anti-obesity and fat herbs that not only help in cellulite removal but can also rejuvenate the skin.

The ingredients used in SlimShapes are handpicked herbs those are thoroughly tested before putting into a final product. The ingredients help to increase the elastic and collagen production within the dermal layers that can alternatively help to improve the elasticity and quality of cellulite affected area on the body. Regular usage of SlimShapes can improve the quality of the connective tissues those are composed of collagens. The stubborn connective tissues contribute to give rise to the cellulite condition that is specifically targeted by SlimShapes cellulite cream.

SlimShapes is easy to use. Just an application and gently massaging of the cream till it gets absorbed is adequate enough for the ingredients to penetrate deep into cellulite cells and treat them effectively


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